Bind is a lovely bunch of professional game developers residing in Kajaani & Lahti, Finland. We bring together strong talent, character and passion for games. Our mission is to develop original, playful and polished games for the whole family. They will always be colourful, have relatable characters, visual humour and emergent gameplay. We take pride in our brave, in-house development endeavors and want to tag our fans and partners along.

Above all else Bind is about transparency, quality and originality. We aim to bring game development closer to gamers and look after our community with care. Games that are made together with a humble attitude, good aim and burning passion are the ones that last.

Janne Mustonen, CEO

Janne is the business oriented fellow of the bunch: the CEO. Janne sweats about lots of things and tries to keep appearances. You should talk to him about resources and formal clothing.

Jussi Lukkarinen, Creative Director

Our Creative Director is the creative centrifuge of Bind. Jussi grows quite big with his ideas (until realities bring him back to the ground). Jussi also has a knack for architectures, the software kind. A multitalent!

Minttu Meriläinen, Lead Artist

Minttu is the powerhouse of our graphics department. A visual genius if you will. She has quite a collection of worn out tablet pens. She also likes to yell at stupid graphics software that never seems to work. Cats make her smile.

Petri Liuska, Lead Programmer

Petri has glassy eyes and he steers the programming boat over the stormy waters. He was raised in a savage and somewhat 'moist' town of Nivala, Finland in the middle of nowhere. This ferocious background has given him superior thirst for programming and trolling - both great qualities in a man.

Antti Kaisamatti, Programmer

Antti is so cool that we have a reserve of blankets at our office. One never knows when a sudden blizzard of coolness is at the door. Antti takes it easy and lets the rest of us worry about the mundane things. He belongs to the secret order of UI & Usability Oriented Programmers.

Henri Koski, 3D Artist

Henri is a descendant of the Swiss clock. He is always on time, he works like crazy and delivers with a capital D! Henri is responsible for the third dimensional art. Talk to him about anything old-school and retro to get him going.