Build It Back

Fix broken things by combining all the pieces. Drag the pieces to the right positions to complete the level. Relaxing and simple!


Launch your ball of yarn and travel upwards! Reach the top before your yarn runs out! Collect more yarn to survive longer!

Battle Planes

Defeat the oncoming enemy planes and wreak havoc among the clouds with your arsenal in this thrilling action game about explosive dogfights.

Ice Dancer

A wholesome skating experience awaits you! Gracefully glide on the ice and perform your most beautiful maneuvers in this comfortable ice skating game. Collect Ice Skates to perform elaborate tricks.

Kite Flight

Control a colorful kite in this relaxing experience that takes you to the clouds.


A classic with a twist. Bounce Projectoids to destroy blocks and crunch score in this arkanoid-inspired arcade game. Upgrade your Projectoids for more mayhem. Try it out!

Super Waiter

Collect all the plates in this wobbly runner and get them to your rather unique dishwasher.